Historic Johnson Farm barn at Bucking Horse

Bucking Horse

Bucking Horse

Bucking Horse is an award-winning project designed around fulfilling the hunger for community. Visitors and homeowners are able to discover a community of opportunities nestled in a safe environment. Local vendors have the chance to share their products and create relationships with those visiting Jessup Farm Artisan Village, while community gardens and gathering places encourage homeowners not only to interact but to bond with their neighbors. A variety of homes are offered within the community, including single family, townhomes, and apartment residences. An extensive trail system, community gardens, and a garden for the restaurants were all part of the original Master Plan, which was carefully developed to preserve the heritage of the land. Since the project’s inception, the wants and needs within the community have shifted, which required thoughtful adaptation of the Master Plan to take place. The theme of the project is based upon the existing Johnson and Jessup Farms, which were established in 1868. Jessup Farm has been rehabilitated in an effort to protect the history of the land, while enhancing the overall ambiance of the project, and Johnson Farm is set to be rehabilitated in the future. Bucking Horse is designed around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The entire project is designed around trail systems that encourage outdoor exercise. Artisan retailers within Jessup Farm, including The Farmhouse restaurant, promote good health and a high quality of life in a clean and safe environment.

Five Guiding Principles

From the beginning, five important principles have been a guide for the Bucking Horse project, leading it to become the first of its kind in Northern Colorado. Today, these principles continue to be the foundation for our mantra, “Bucking the Status Quo.” From these principles, we strive to create new standards for a healthier lifestyle.







Bucking Horse Honored for Sustainability and Healthy Living

Our community was selected as one of the leading projects in the state by the American Planning Association's Colorado Chapter. The project was chosen for the way our planning has addressed agriculture in a new community in an interesting way. Our emphasis on partnerships with non-profit organization to make a development project forward thinking is a measure of its social sustainability, not just for environmental sustainability. Our re-purposing of the historic farm buildings and incorporation of an edible landscape provides transferable lessons that impressed the APA. Bucking Horse also has demonstated community progress by contributing to the  modification of local codes to change development models to incorporate urban agriculture. The Colorado Chapter of the APA held an awards ceremony and reception on October 3rd, 2013, to highlight the great work going on in our state, including Bucking Horse. Learn more about the Colorado Chapter of the APA.

Fort Collins, Colorado

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