Sketch of the Central Courtyard at Pateros Creek

Pateros Creek

Pateros Creek

The vision for Pateros Creek is to create a new and distinct community while preserving the history of the land. This is a rare opportunity to live in a new and well-designed community near Old Town Fort and have the scenic Cache La Poudre River in your backyard.  Every aspect of the Pateros Creek community has been planned as an opportunity to connect to and participate in the surroundings. Whether that be a glimpse through a front window to the woods, a long vista to the river, or a beautiful view to surrounding gardens. Pateros Creek is designed as a “Cottage Garden community” with courtyard homes clustered around a community green, select lakefront homes overlooking the fishing pond and neighboring lake, and riverfront homes abutting the Poudre River. As an intimate neighborhood nestled within a stand of mature trees on 17 acres, the modest number of homes are carefully situated to preserve the distinct views and access to the surrounding landscape.

From the first Native American inhabitants in the 1860's to the immigrants of the 1880's, this area of Fort Collins became the birth place of "market gardening." A 1916 report on the agricultural development in Northern Colorado called this area a "Gardener's Paradise." Early farmers found that the arid climate, availability of water, and mineral elements inherent in the soil produced some of the most favorable environments for gardening and farming in the state. Soon, fruit orchards filled with apples, cherries and raspberries, and rows of tilled soil containing a cornucopia of celery, onions, potatoes and cabbages could bring in considerable profits for early market gardeners.

Our intent is to rehabilitate the gardens and surrounding forest area on the property. Homeowners will enjoy community gardens along with fruit orchards filled with apples, cherries, and much more.  The plan is designed to preserve as many significant trees as possible and enhance open space to the east of the residential lots, where habitat quality is most intact as a riparian forest. The enhanced open space includes an orchard, community gardens, gathering areas including a pavilion and community lawn, an enhanced pond, and a trail connection to the Poudre River Trail.

Pateros Creek Design Guidlines can be downloaded at this LINK.

912 Wood Street area, Fort Collins, Colorado

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